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Friday 22 September 2017
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Image of cover of Issue.06, November 2014, CryptoBiz Magazine

Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.06, November 2014

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LastPass Icon_Large

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass was founded in April of 2008. The name is based on their slogan, “The last password you have to remember.” The program is...

A briefcase-style tumbler lock with the word 'Password' spelled out

What Makes a ‘Good’ Password Manager Good? Part 2: KeePass

KeePass is an open source application available at no cost. It has OSI open source certification. Downloads for KeePass are available at...

Sean Comeau

What Makes a ‘Good’ Password Manager Good?

Before we can decide on which password manager is a good one to use, we will need to consider what “good” means for a password manager....