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Saturday 23 September 2017
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The cover of CryptoBiz Magazine, December.2014, Issue.07

CryptoBiz Magazine Issue.07, December 2014

Welcome to Issue.07 of CryptoBiz Magazine! [Please be patient, it’s a large file and takes a few seconds to load.] Always stay on top...

Image of cover of Issue.06, November 2014, CryptoBiz Magazine

Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.06, November 2014

Welcome to Issue.06 of Crypto Biz Magazine! Always stay on top of the latest issue: Subscribe FREE!


Is Bitcoin a Modern Gold Rush? [infographic]

Source: by KeriLynn Engel [WhoIsHostingThis.com] In 1848, a humble American carpenter named James W. Marshall caught sight of gold...


Bitcoin’s Shroud of Subtlety and Allure

Attacks on Bitcoin A successful attack on Bitcoin means attacking Bitcoin’s value. There might well be a bug that could be exploited...


Working from first principles to build bridges, fund core development, and go to the moon.

There is a seemingly inevitable chance that a financial system like Bitcoin might get adopted worldwide. If this does occur, we think there...


Demonstrating Bitcoin’s Social Value

Charity, Bitcoin, and the BitGive Foundation Little did I know when I set off to the Bitcoin Foundation’s conference in San Jose,...


Dana.io & The Corporation (2004) Could Bring Bitcoin to 1,000 High Schools

International hit documentary The Corporation is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its Get Up #OffTheCouch Crypto Challenge — a...

A State of (Bitcoin) Mining

A State of Mining

There’s something about setting up a computer that prints out a digital currency while you sleep. It could be knowing that you are...

Why Bitcoin Doesn't Need a “Bitcoin Valley”

Why Bitcoin Doesn’t Need a “Bitcoin Valley”

With VC money being poured into Bitcoin startups, more billion dollar businesses accepting it, and greater mainstream acknowledgment that...


Cash and Credit in a Cryptocurrency Economy, part 2 – Open-Transactions

Open-Transactions is the cypherpunks’ vision of a cryptography-based contract system, embodied. Even when cryptography has made base...


Cash and Credit in a Cryptocurrency Economy, part 1 – The Legacy Financial System

The success of Bitcoin has created the possibility for an new free market, cross-border, online economy with Bitcoin serving the role of...

The Greatest PorcFest Ever Stolen

I just got back from a highly successful east coast tour which included both speaking at Bitcoin In The Beltway, and vending at the...


Kuwait Finance Firm Suggests Trading Oil in Bitcoins

Oil producing countries, particularly in the GCC, could benefit if they would use bitcoin in oil trading, instead of dollars, Markaz’...

Will Industrial Mining Become the Next Big Bitcoin Investment Sector?

OpenCL vs OpenGL for Mining

By: Vivek Nair and Alexander Merricks As we witness the evolution of the creation of digital assets via the birth of the virtual currency...

Street signfor Main Street

Where does Accounting /ERP meet Bitcoin, Dollar, Euro & Yen?

Can you imagine a world where a crypto currency (something like Bitcoin) sits alongside the Dollar, Euro, and Yen? In a recent discussion...


A Personal Journey Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole

I first heard of Bitcoin on a Sunday afternoon while walking along Kitsilano Beach (Vancouver, BC, Canada) with my friend Sebastian. He...