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Sunday 22 October 2017
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Tatiana’s Journey Into the First Ever Artist Coin

My name is Tatiana Moroz, and I am a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. I have been in the activist world for a few years now and have performed at countless rallies, conferences, and festivals worldwide. I believe it is my responsibility as an artist to help bring about social change, open minds, and a lot of my music reflects the times we are in. This convergence of passions is a dream come true. However, along my artist’s path, somehow I find myself in the middle of Bitcoin technology. I am creating the very first artist-based crypto-currency with the help of some very innovative people called “Tatiana Coin” launching June 3. Our aim is to explore how metacoins and tokenization can change how creativity is funded. While I occasionally feel like a fish out of water, I am learning and am excited for the opportunity to be a pioneer.

My activism has always been strongly routed in the anti-war message. I have learned quite a bit about economics, and realize the damage that the central banks do to a world economy. The way that money is printed to fund the war machine is obscene. The blood that is spilt with the theft of my wealth is something that I rally against daily. I’ve spent countless hours signing petitions, writing to my representatives, promoting political campaigns, and standing in the cold with handmade signs asking the government to please stop bombing children who have the misfortune of being born in a forsaken part of the world. Not surprisingly, my efforts have yielded minimal results. Enter Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has the power to take money out of the war machine. It has only started to reveal its potential as a liberating force in the third world. Bitcoin transactions have minimal fees, less than 1% to send money worldwide as opposed to Western Union’s 20-25% in certain cases. Money is transferred instantly. For the first time, people can hold onto wealth where there is no banking system. If a government collapses, people can convert their currency quickly and easily into Bitcoin with anonymity. Microdonations have become more frequent and person to person networks grow daily. Charitable giving has become more efficient and accessible.

We don’t really hear those stories in the media though. The Bitcoin news that gets the most press is based on fear, and biased articles run rampant through the press wire. If you ask people about Bitcoin, they usually respond with vague references to Mt. Gox or suspicions of it being a scam. This is really frustrating, as within the space, I have found an overwhelming motivating force for good. Sure, there is speculation and self interest as with any business opportunity, but the folks in Bitcoin generally see it as a way to liberate enormous amounts of human potential.

I see Tatiana Coin as a fun way educate about the promise in Bitcoin, and especially Bitcoin 2.0. People are already familiar with the crowdfunding concept with sites like IndieGogo and Kickstarter. With an artist’s tokenization, we offer unique ways for people to be part of the creative process that doesn’t end at the conclusion of a campaign. If you believe in my music for example, you can buy Tatiana Coin, fund my album, and then pay with your tokens for exclusive content. The more that my fan base grows, the more valuable those tokens become. You now have a rare ticket to behind the scenes parties, sponsorship opportunities, early releases and more. I have a chance to develop stronger relationships with my fans, and they have become a critical component to my success. They have a stronger incentive to get the word out about my music, grow my reach, and this will help fund even larger projects for video content, touring, and more. Participants will see greater value in donating, because they are not limited to a certain prize structure. They can hold onto their tokens ’til they want to trade them in for Bitcoin for other coins as the ecosystem expands. There are endless possibilities.

My greater interest in this is to see how this model can apply to other artists as well as start-ups. I would love to be able to help tokenize some of the incredible talent I have met along my journey. Too many times have I been frustrated by the existing confines of the music industry. This can take the power back and put it into the people who matter the most: the artist and their fans.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my experience of this unknown territory. I have questions of my own, and a lot more to learn. However, I see that as an opportunity to bring other people, hopefully NEW people, along this journey with me. I am not exactly intimidating, so I think that helps. We are doing live weekly question and answer sessions, plus I will be blogging, making videos, and talking about it during my summer tour. I hope that you can join us!

Find out more at: www.TatianaCoin.com and www.CoinPowers.com

Tatiana Moroz

Singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz is a pioneer of the liberty movement. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, she has had an extensive music career managing and promoting top NY recording studios. She’s performed internationally with industry leaders like: Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Judge Napolitano, Jesse Venture and at many Bitcoin events. Tatiana has become the premier female singer-songwriter in the activist and bitcoin community touring the globe speaking and singing at conferences, political conventions, and community events. Tatiana owns the activist talent and event agency Same Side Entertainment. She has independently produced and released two LP’s, 2 EPs, and several singles. She is recording her 3rd LP and developing a video series on her musical journey with Cryptocurrency. She also accepts Bitcoin tips: 124HCHWb5x6typ4jc2qFE5WT85d4ceUsJz

  • Michael Rayford Powell

    I am so thrilled that you have opened this up to everyone, and I deeply respect what you are doing Ms. Tatiana! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • missminer

    Great work – this is such a fantastic idea!