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Sunday 22 October 2017
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Providence Announces Revolutionary Software Suite

California, December 11, 2014 — The Providence team is proud to announce the forthcoming package of software tools that aims to accelerate the evolution of the financial tech sector. They have planned a phased release of five programs that will work together to create the network necessary to sustain an enterprise. The team has closely studied the global economic landscape, and they have refined their tools to make starting and sustaining a business fair and accessible for everyone. To achieve this monumental task, the team has been strategic about their planning, and are ready to release their next wave of software.


Providence is bringing power to the Individual Independent Enterprise. Providence is a project developed during the last 1.5 years by Jared Mimms and is built through Ripple. They aim to shake up the financial sector by empowering people in a way that is not yet possible in the current financial system. Providence consists of five components:


Pier — a simple, easy to use asset and currency exchange, featuring over 2500 markets and 50 different currencies

Pecunia — the stock exchange that is built over the Ripple protocol

Paladin — a decentralized, stylized social rating system that utilizes the Ripple Protocol

Peercover — a P2P insurance platform that enables existing insurance brokers to be their own bosses

Pilgrim — a simple mobile application and API enabling contract credit that will work with Providence, the contract client


Providence will allow people to create their own self-sustaining enterprises limited by their own creativity and salesmanship. This means anyone can raise funds, anyone can invest capital, and the system enables regulatory streamlined open investment. We sincerely declare our intentions to produce economic freedom worldwide and enable the decentralized web. We value every individual as a vital part of a greater whole. As such, every individual deserves the opportunity to enterprise.

~Jared Mimms~


Since 2008, private investment in fintech has risen to nearly $3 billion per year globally, on track to reach $8 billion per year by 2018. With a relatively small market to cover, the Providence team has plans to grab up to 50% of the cryptocurrency-exchange market share while it is in the booming stages. The Providence program suite will go much further than just simple token exchanges and eventually will consist of an expansive set of financial tools. The team hopes the Providence client will level the playing field for the smaller enterprises looking to make a bigger impact, and enable large enterprises to be more efficient. The CEO and lead coder, Jared Mimms, has his sights set on changing the global financial industry for the better.


Providence has publicly declared their intentions with their mission statement and business plan. You can read more about the project and learn about the coming fintech revolution by following the links:


Business Plan: https://providence.solutions/ProvidenceBusinessPlan.pdf

Providence Site: https://providence.solutions/

Mission Statement: https://providence.solutions/ProvidenceIntentions.pdf

For Direct Inquiries contact Matthew Neumeier at: matthew@providence.solutions

For Telephone inquiries call: (312)-952-1495