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Sunday 22 October 2017
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CoinFest 2015 Networking Time @ Francesco’s

Last year, CoinFest broke new ground by holding a decentralized convention in Vancouver and spreading its free and open source model across Canada. Although the price of Bitcoin fell, investors poured vast amounts into cryptocurrency start-ups, and thousands of merchants began accepting for the first time.

Now other cities are testing the decentralized model, and CoinFest has spread around the world! We’re going to continue our tradition of hosting events only at Bitcoin venues, and Vancouver is going to have a lot more to celebrate. Get ready for 2015 and the Bitcoin 2.0 revolution!

While CoinFest is intended to be fun and accessible to people of all means, we don’t want to alienate those looking for a serious networking event. Thankfully, a high-class Italian restaurant in downtown Vancouver accepts Bitcoin; those looking for a more exclusive event can come to Francesco’s, where the Bitcoin elite will dine on some of the finest dishes available for BTC.

Guests will have half an hour to mingle before dinner will be served at 6:0. Vanbex Group will be sponsoring the event, which will feature a special Bitcoin menu. They provide consultation and marketing services to major players in decentralization like Storj, Counterparty, Tether and Factom. A portion of funds will be used to treat contest winners, so young entrepreneurs get the chance to network with important decision-makers.

CoinFest has no rules beyond common courtesy (and decency) and those required by law; however, there are some guidelines that you should be aware of. The space and staff for this event are graciously provided by the chosen Bitcoin venue free of charge, so please purchase at least one item at the venue. This also encourages more venues to accept alternative currency in the future.

The organizer of this event does not charge any money to the Bitcoin venue or the event participants. It takes work, though, so if you want to, you may donate BTC to 183La2V7dN4ihGRDfLWiVEHvxMywk15gKh. If you are donating a substantial number of bitcoins, feel free to email the organizer at a.j.wagner.89@gmail.com to get recognition for your contribution.

Please email Andrew at the above email address if you’d like to sponsor this event. Any funding or prizes donated will only be used at the sponsored venue, unless the sponsor requests otherwise. All other donations to 183La2V7dN4ihGRDfLWiVEHvxMywk15gKh will be used to fund the general operation of CoinFest Vancouver.

Please be warned that an 18% tip may be added to your bill automatically, and this is NOT a cheap venue. This event is a work in progress; the above guidelines are subject to change as necessity demands. For more information like the host’s phone number, please RSVP on Meet Up at http://www.meetup.com/BitcoinCoop/events/218766374/