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Sunday 22 October 2017
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Bitcoin Solutions Posts New Trading Rates

Bitcoin Solutions has been an active Bitcoin startup since 2013. They started with

OTC Bitcoin transactions and aimed to make Bitcoin as accessible as possible. With

ATM launches across western Canada in the first half of 2014 the company was able

to accomplish that. In Q3 2014 Bitcoin Solutions was able to present a new product;

leverage trading. Bitcoin Solutions Trading offered the highest form of leverage in

the industry at 8x! Today, it gets better.

Bitcoin Solutions has recently slashed their rates to allow users to profit more in

smaller market movements. Leverage rates now as low as 0.002%/6 hours and

0.35% brokerage/trade is, arguably, the best bang for your buck! The trading

platform is now charging in “periods” of 6 hours. This is to encourage quick, in

and out trades and allowing the user to profit accordingly. If you were to open a

position, watch the market move 4% in an hour and pull out (making a swift 32%

profit) Bitcoin Solutions now only charges you for that one hour with a pro-rated

rate on the 6 hour period.

The new, lower brokerage is a key demonstration on Bitcoin Solutions’ effort to

remain competitive in pricing while out performing the competition allowing for an

easier interface, pro-rated leverage positions and maximum leverage.

To sign up for a free Bitcoin Solutions account, visit www.btcsolutions.ca/online-
trading and navigate to the sign up screen. If you already have an account that same

page has a link to login as well as over all information about the product. With any

specific questions please contact trading@btcsolutions.ca and the trading team will

be happy to promptly respond!