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Friday 17 November 2017
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Partnership Launches Bitcoin Volatility Index


New York, November 3, 2014—Digital Currency Labs is pleased to announce its partnership with Emercor to produce and distribute the “Bitcoin Volatility Index (xBVIX) ®.

The xBVIX® will function as a key measure of market expectations of near-term volatility calculated using real-time global Bitcoin prices from multiple exchanges. The index calculations leverage a patented process, and will be available as a data feed which can be leveraged across multiple systems to produce an accurate expectation of the volatility within the Bitcoin markets.

Notes Ron Quaranta, CEO of Digital Currency Labs: “This is an interesting time for the financial markets, as Bitcoin and Blockchain technology begin to fundamentally restructure the world of trading and investment. As trading in Bitcoin and Bitcoin derivatives increases, the importance of sophisticated tools, such as volatility indices, will become increasingly prevalent. The creation and marketing of xBVIX is an important step in this evolving world of finance.”

Says Kollan House, General Partner of Emercor: “We are excited about this opportunity to collaborate with DCL for the Bitcoin Volatility Index. The partnership signifies the groundbreaking of a new tool with modest goals but large implications. With the resources and experience of DCL, Emercor is very confident about this new project and its new partner.”

Interested parties or media inquires should be sent by email to: info@digitalcurrencylabs.com

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