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Friday 17 November 2017
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Brian Koffler President Koffler Legal and Consulting Services

Jay Addison Technical and Media Advisor for CryptoBiz Magazine interviews Brian Koffler Brian Koffler President Koffler Legal and Consulting Services. Brian is an attorney and entrepreneur based in New York City. While his practice focuses on cryptocurrency consulting and guiding start-ups to success, he also works as the General Counsel and Chief Technology Officer of K3 Learning, Inc., an education management firm. Brian entered the cryptocurrency space in early 2013 working on a large-scale mining project which spun into a massive endeavor involving the innards of the Bitcoin protocol. As a result, he became a huge advocate for ensuring that Bitcoin 2.0 comes to fruition since he believes that the current implementation of the protocol is barely scratching the surface of its potential. Brian currently consults with small firms around the USA who are seeking to understand and utilize Bitcoin, and provides training for government agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His educational background includes a Masters in Information Systems from Harvard University, a JD from New York Law School, and a BA from George Washington University—along with a year studying at the London School of Economics.
Produced by Trent E. Nellis Chief Operations Advisor CryptoBiz Magazine.
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