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Friday 17 November 2017
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Gabriel Miron CEO me/XBT Exchange of The Americas

Jay Addison Technical and Media Advisor for CryptoBiz Magazine interviews Gabriel Miron CEO & Founder, meXBT/Crypto Exchange of the Americas. Gabriel is a serial entrepreneur based in Mexico City. He has been nominated as one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of Central America in 2012, after being selected to join the 2nd generation of Wayra Mexico, the biggest business accelerator around the globe with presence in 18 countries. After he discovered crypto currencies and decided to go full time and devoted to grant access to cryptos in Latin America. He was selected in the first batch of Seedcoin Bitcoin virtual accelerator with presence around the globe and together are launching the most professional
Jay: This is Jay Addison from CryptoBiz Magazine, we are live at Inside Bitcoins in Las Vegas, with Gabriel Miron, CEO of meXBT Crypto Exchange – in Mexico, right?
Gabriel: Of the Americas.
Jay: Of the Americas.
Gabriel: Correct.
Jay: Now, you’ve been a part of multiple accelerated programs. How have those experiences helped you in your current venture?
Gabriel: Well, at the accelerator we were before, it really got me focused on the importance of sales and region projections. And in this new one, it has helped us a lot to get involved in Bitcoin and in Crypto space, Z coin has done an awesome job. And relating to other Crypto currency businesses around the world, because we’re headquartered in Mexico, and they are in Hong Kong. We have relationships with companies in China, in Singapore and Brazil, so it’s a really global space.
Jay: Of all the countries you’ve serviced, which are the top purchasers of Bitcoin?
Gabriel: Right now meXBT from Mexico. We started having our first international customers, and they are from Chile and from Peru
Jay: Fantastic. You currently offer Bitcoin and Litecoin. Have you considered adding any other strong coins Doge?
Gabriel: Yes definitely. Like, the name it’s meXBT Crypto Exchange of the Americas, it’s Crypto.
Jay: Got it.
Gabriel: Because we are running into the Cryptocurrencies, although we believe that Bitcoin is the strongest one, and right now in the market, it’s the strongest one. We are really open to adding any other Cryptocurrency that people demands and people want.
Jay: Well that’s fantastic, the whole Crypto community is gonna love to hear that.
Gabriel: And also fiat. Like we have right now but we are working to add other fiat currencies.
Jay: Ok, fantastic.
Gabriel: Working on it.
Jay: Just to make it easier for people to buy in.
Gabriel: Yeah, we really focus on like cash in and being able to able to – be an easy access for Cryptocurrencies.
Jay: Yeah, make it easy for people, right? How is the local scene where you are in Mexico?
Gabriel: Well I think it’s pretty good. Like, lately we have seen a lot of development, a lot of start ups coming up. There are several exchanges, they are several start ups and – but it’s really good. When you see an eco-system that is interested, you see hackers and you see developers that are starting to work under this technology. So it’s good and back in America, I would say Argentina’s a pioneer, because of their situation.
Jay: Yes.
Gabriel: But after that, I think Mexico started later, but we’re getting up date and I think we’re gonna be one of, if not the main player in the region.
Jay: That’s exciting. What’s the regulatory environment like in Mexico?
Gabriel: Well–
Jay: Did you have any problems? Let me ask you did you have any problems getting the exchange up and running?
Gabriel: No, no, no. Right now we have banking relationships. We work with an exchanging house that help us say transport money in and out. So, we have a pretty smooth operation. Like, for example in the states, I’ve heard it’s really complicated to have banking relationships. Over there we’re operating with operating with 3 banks
Jay: Wow.
Gabriel: So, I’m pretty optimistic at this part and how the authorities see Crypto. We worked in April with them, and they were pretty honest in saying, “I don’t think Crypto, we don’t see Crypto as a currency. We not going to regulate it because it’s too small. If it gets big, we’re gonna see. Just, you as your business take care of the roles that you are getting into. Like for example that you’re in on catching money from the general public, so for this you need a good lawyer – that we have. And a good fiscal lawyer. And we have both and we are working deeply in, on our legal and fiscal framework.
Jay: That’s fantastic, so let me ask you the one question we ask everyone.
Gabriel: Ok.
Jay: January 1st, 2015, what do you think the price of Bitcoin’s gonna be?
Gabriel: Ten thousand.
Jay: Ten thousand. We love this guy. Ok, so Gabriel, how do people get a hold of you if they want to buy Bitcoins through your exchange? What’s the web address, email, how do we get a hold of you?
Gabriel: Well if they want to log in, it’s www.mexbt.com, and to reach me, it’s gabriel@mexbt.com.
Jay: Fantastic, thanks kindly for your time.
Gabriel: No, thanks to you guys.
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Produced by Trent E. Nellis Chief Operations Advisor CryptoBiz Magazine.
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