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Friday 17 November 2017
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HTMLCoin Ledger of Expenses, Community Building, and Infrastructure Development

The launching day of our new coin HTML5 has come and gone and this is just the beginning!

For most of us, launching this new coin has been a great experience. We are all excited and are anticipating what will happen next. We see how the cryptocoin markets behave and that continues to surprise and amaze us.


The Ledger


The HTMLCOIN Core Team is happy to announce our Ledger of Expenses.


This is to show the community how we appropriated the “extra” HTMLCOIN coins left over from the transition to HTML5 Coin.


Our community has succeeded in expanding over the past 6 months because we made sure that our vital needs were met and necessary expenses were covered so that proper infrastructures could be implemented.




Budgeting and appropriation are vital in projecting the needs of our community. These needs can be in a form of new infrastructure such as a “mobile wallet” (Bounty for Apps Developer) and various mobile applications that will enhance the usability of the coin for the public.


By enhancing our infrastructure we are making sure that HTML5 Coin will endure in this very competitive environment of cryptocurrency.


Service Inclusion Fees


Service Inclusion Fees are very important in our strategy as a community (this means that we need to pay to be “included” in various cryptocoin resources).  This enables HTML5 Coin to be listed in various services within the cryptocurrency market.


Service Providers


By recognizing (and this means “compensating or paying for”) the resources invested by service providers (app builders, mobile wallet developers, game developers, etc.) said service providers will help to provide the needed exposure and usability of HTML5 Coin.  This will help HTML5 Coin to capture more users, expanding our network.


Services providers can be exchange sites, payment systems (cointopay, coinpayments, & casheerapps), utility applications, and graphic designs.


Ledger of Expenses


Amount in Billion

Ledger of Expenses



BleutTrade (Presale 13:1 + Automatic Swap 15:1)


ComKort (Presale 13:1)


Other Unsynchronize Wallet

——-Software Development





——-Promotion & Marketing


HTML1 (Social Media & Ads is Sites)


HTML5 (Social Media & Ads is Sites)

——-Service Fees & Inclusion Fees


Bounty for Apps Developer


Hosting Services


Service Inclusion Fees




Promotion and Brand Awareness


Our community members are our promoters. This means that as an HTML5 Coin member we have the shared responsibility in spreading the word about our community on what we believe in and what we do.


We have to commend and appreciate the work done by our members and support each member’s efforts and  make HTML5 Coin known to the public by using social media, word of mouth, blogging, and even press releases where appropriate.


We would not have come this far without community support, and we continue to build our community by interacting with various interest groups, non-governmental organizations, and people in countries worldwide.


Community Building


Community building equals “brand awareness”.  Let us give you an example; through relentless networking and online connections we have been able to contact pool developers that are coming from various part of the world, maintaining our pools in gratis.


Our next plan is to penetrate the Chinese market. The US crypto market is already quite saturated.  Cryptocurrency coin holders have affiliated themselves with various coin communities, stretching them thin.


By embracing big markets like China and attracting new users of digital currency HTML5 Coin will withstand the stiff competition within the cryptocurrency markets.


Demands from the Holiday Season


After the swap period we expect a fair amount of volatility in the HTML5 Coin price. As the coin price normalizes and finds its true market value, it is time for us to go back to the drawing board and plan for the next peak season.


The holiday season is coming and we are expecting new movement in our community which will bring value appreciation and more interest from the mainstream.


We need to respond to the demands of the holiday season by enhancing our coin market infrastructure. This infrastructure is in the form of an Android mobile wallet. The wallet will provide avenues to various trading potentials and public use.


Aside from the mobile wallet the holiday seasons brings vast opportunities for our community to “spread the word” and attract new users of our coin. This can be done through gift giving using HTML5 Coin as gift credits, as well as “tipping” using the Facebook tipping app mentioned in our Facebook group.


This is an opportunity to optimize the use of our digital coin by giving it to family members using our android wallet. Giving someone HTML5 Coin as a gift helps to spread awareness about us.


New Markets


In these coming months the HTML5 Coin community will be actively working to open new markets, selling products that can be paid for in HTML5 Coin (see CoinToPay, CoinPayments, Casheer, etc.). What this means is that online merchants now have the opportunity to provide their customers the ability pay for their purchase (whatever it may be) with HTML5 Coin.


We are hopeful in the opening of new markets, establishing new coin pairings, collaborating with organizations, and working with apps developers.  All of these in effect will make our user base network grow bigger and stronger.


Gift Giving


We urge our community members to do gift giving for us to continue to grow.  Our biggest immediate need is for a “Mobile Wallet”.  This will cost $500 (or approximately 1.25 BTC as of this writing).


We will publish a record of gift received on HTMLCOIN website.


If you wish to contribute please use the wallet addresses below.


HTML5 Coin:  HTdo6MzXTgeXP4wtpoM7hX9kXYXJ2C3V8B


Bitcoin: 1HGGoih5hiA17NBHLwE4HRCSMMSrz1HbAo


Litecoin: LgevwLBuKS6pxghhaAewShYFn5nMk9M57P