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Sunday 22 October 2017
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You Know You Want to Go: You’re Invited to New Zealand’s First Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin South, Nov 2014

It’s time to add the most exciting Bitcoin networking event and conference destination to your calendar – Bitcoin South in Queenstown, New Zealand.  For the weekend of 29-30 November 2014, go on an unforgettable adventure, and enjoy the latest the global Bitcoin community has to share.

Organised by Fran Strajnar, founder of bravenewcoin.com, the conference is taking shape as  a ‘Journey Around the Blockchain’ to give a full 360 degree view of cryptocurrencies.  This is designed to educate and drive Bitcoin adoption in New Zealand by bringing together a wide range of thought leaders, innovators and businesses leaders.

Anyone from corporate executives to entrepreneurs and developers are encouraged to attend so they can learn about how Blockchain Technology can be integrated in their company – because it will impact every business in the next 1-5 years. Bitcoin is a fundamental change in how we see, store and count value and track assets and is rivalling the 94-95 .com tech boom in terms of global interest and investment.

Educating the mainstream industries will go a long way towards making Bitcoin a regular feature of economic enterprise, and this conference is an opportunity for businesses to learn, be inspired, and go away feeling more confident about what Bitcoin has to offer.  Whether you’re new to Bitcoin and curious about its potential, or already involved and looking to network, further your understanding or share your ideas – this conference is for you.

And with a full schedule of some of the biggest names in Bitcoin attending, plus a line-up of local New Zealand specialists, there will be something for every level of Bitcoin enthusiast.  The 21 speakers include:

And New Zealand specialists, including:

These specialists include a variety of entrepreneurs who have made businesses out of Bitcoin functionality, those who want to share their story of how integrating Bitcoin into their business has been successful, legal and accounting experts who can advise on the changing economic landscape that Bitcoin provides, and Bitcoin currency traders who want to share their expertise.  The two day agenda is designed to give a fascinating and empowering overview on ‘what is bitcoin’ as well as detailed information around the technology, regulation and the various markets it is already disrupting.

The event will be held at the Millennium Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. The adventure capital was chosen as a destination to polarize the innovative and adventurous spirit inherent in Bitcoin. Queenstown’s activities will act as a networking tool for those who wish to spend an extra day or two cutting deals or building relationships with other attendees.

Queenstown is an incredible luxury location for a Bitcoin Meetup – guests will be able to experience the amazing Lord of the Rings territory, dramatic lakeside scenery and majestic mountain views which make up the Southern Hemisphere’s premier four-lake and alpine resort area.   Award winning airline, Air New Zealand will fly you there in style, maybe even on one of their famous Hobbit planes.  International flights arrive in Auckland, and then connect to Queenstown.  Make sure you have your camera handy as you fly over the picturesque and breathtaking Southern Alps!

Only 500 tickets are available for this conference – don’t regret missing out on this amazing opportunity.  Put a New Zealand stamp in your passport and register now at bitcoinsouth.co.  Early bird bookings are available until September 30.