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Friday 17 November 2017
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Call for Writers! Now Accepting Submissions

Crypto Biz Magazine is currently taking submissions! Whether you’re an experienced writer, or a budding Bitcoin reporter, we want to hear your opinions, read your stories and bounce around your ideas!

If you eat, read and sleep Bitcoin, dream of altcoins, and can’t get the urge to uncover Satoshi’s identity(ies) out of your system, we definitely want to hear from you!

Please e-mail submissions@cryptobizmagazine.com and we’ll contact you if we decide to use you in an upcoming issue. Please see the submission guidelines below, and be sure to include your contact info, particularly your e-mail address, with your submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Your submission should include a brief summary of the proposed article, as well as either a small sample of your writing, or links to previously published work. We’ll read every submission request but will respond only to those that are under serious consideration. Acceptance of an article pitch is no guarantee we’ll publish the finished piece. Space constraints or conflicting content—or content that doesn’t meet the level of its pitch—can all create the need to either juggle, delay or kill a story. We try not to do that whenever possible, but it’s sometimes necessary. If that happens, please don’t take it personally… and please submit again, new content only. Once an article or idea is submitted, there’s no need to submit it again.

Subject matter can range from charity to crime, travel to technology—as long as it’s cryptocurrency-related, it’s acceptable as a submission. Take a look at the various categories this post is included in if you need a place to start, or look back through previous editions or throughout the website for examples!

We’re accepting electronic submissions only, by e-mailing them to us at submissions@cryptobizmagazine.com. Submit one article per e-mail. Accepted file formats are .rtf, .txt, .doc and .docx. PDFs are acceptable if you have formatting or layout ideas you’d like to illustrate, but please also include the text in a text file or Word doc.

If you’d like to suggest images for use with the article, please include watermarked, comp versions of any preferred stock images (shutterstock.com) but there’s no guarantee we’ll use the images you select. Don’t submit images that you don’t own the copyright to, or didn’t create, unless they’re the watermarked stock comps just mentioned.

Please include the your contact information, including your email address, in the file. We respond only by e-mail. If you submit a completed article, the preferred format (in the file) is title, author (with e-mail link), article body, and bio with wallet address and any additional biographical information you’d like to include. If you’re not the author, include a footnote with your contact info and the reason you’re submitting rather than the author.

  • Please only submit one article at a time, and don’t submit more unless you’ve heard from us and we’ve requested additional material.
  • We try to respond to submissions in a timely manner and are therefore somewhat rushed and don’t have time for personal responses or critiques.
  • We’ll consider articles (reprints) that have been published elsewhere, but not if they’ve been published in more than one other periodical/website.
  • We discourage simultaneous submissions.
  • We’ll consider anything from one to four thousand words—please contact us with a pitch if you want to submit something longer as it’s possible we could publish it in parts across a number of issues.
  • We try to respond within two months, but if you haven’t heard from us within that time, we may still contact you about your submission.
  • Submitting a sample to us is no guarantee we will publish your article.

Copyright Information: We can only take submissions written by the author or copyright holder. We follow all local, national and international copyright laws. By submitting an article to our site/magazine you’re granting permission for its use on the website and in the magazine. Authors retain all copyrights to their writing.

If you’ve read an article you’d like to see included in our magazine or on our website, please forward the article, or a link to it, along with the author’s contact details. If we can’t contact the author, we won’t be able to reprint or include it on our site, or in our magazine.

Payment: We’re just starting out, so we’re not paying for submissions, however we will include your Bitcoin, or other wallet, address so you can receive tips for your work.

Thanks for your interest in Crypto Biz Magazine.