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Monday 20 November 2017
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HempCoin & The Cloud: 24 hours later

HempCoin & The Cloud: 24 hours later

This is a “24 Hours Later” follow-up to the September Crypto Biz Magazine article Hempcoin to the Cloud, announcing the release of the HTML5 Hempcoin Cloud wallet at hemp.cash.

hemp.cash has found some interesting ways to gain a lot of popularity—very quickly and quite virally! Between the gamification of hemp.cash, and its use of Facebook to foster social sharing between hemp.cash users, and from hemp.cash users to the unanointed, they’ve found new ways to get wallet users enthusiastic about a wallet and a coin. They’ve also limited the supply of Hempcoin, which gave new users a definite incentive to join as quickly as possible.

Initial interaction with hemp.cash was very active and exciting, and pulled in a lot of new users. The more interactive the users were, the more Hempcoin they earned. This interaction can be seen in the following video demonstrating how to get free viral Hempcoin in under 60 seconds.

How to get free viral hemp coins in less than 50 seconds.


The total number of users who joined in the first 24 hours reached 1,446. These users interacted with the site over 150,000 times, for an average of more than 100 interactions per user.

HempCoin Facebook success

These are some pretty impressive stats for a single, premier day of activity! Most cryptocoins start with small communities and don’t have as large a following—with a few notable exceptions, of course—so, if the first day is any indication, the long-term popularity of Hempcoin would almost seem certain. As a result, other parts of the Hempcoin community have seen growth. The Hempcoin’s Facebook and Twitter pages have significantly more followers, a new forum has been created to allow for more concentrated development, and new social sharing sites have been popping up, created for the Hempcoin.

The Hempcoin is currently being traded on today’s largest cryptocoin trading platform, BITTREX. BITTREX allows users to trade Bitcoin for hempcoins. Diversifying from bitcoins into hempcoins is a low-cost way to increase holdings in cryptocurrency. https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-THC

hemp.cash is currently closed to new users. The developers are looking at additional software development before the introducing the app to any more new users. They’ve set a future release date of Monday, September 29th. If you didn’t get your hemp.cash wallet yesterday, be ready for the 29th, and be ready early!

HTML5 Cloud Wallet

Bitcoin-to-HempCoin markets:



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  • Wow! Interesting angle. Things move fast in the crypto world for sure. Just checked out Hemp.cash – looks good!