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Sunday 22 October 2017
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Finding My Calling and Building a Castle; Behold the Magic of Bitcoin

A year ago, I came across a website promoting a new real estate project in Chile called Galt’s Gulch. Based on a fictional location of the same name in Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, it offered a beautiful place of gathering and refuge for libertarian-minded people such as myself. Besides the physical, philosophical and political appeal, it also stood out in another very important way; they accepted Bitcoin.

I decided I was going to move to this Chilean promised land and quickly set about finding a way to make it happen. I didn’t have much money and had just barely enough of an income to support my modest lifestyle in Vancouver but there was a will and indeed, a way to match it. I partnered up with a couple of friends to invest in a bitcoin miner that ended up paying for itself in the first ten days of its operation. After that, it didn’t take long to accumulate the funds I needed to make the big move. I even had enough to enroll in an entrepreneurship program called Exosphere that was soon to be hosted in Chile as well. I offered to pay my tuition in bitcoin and they happily accepted it.

It was right around that point when the magical feeling started to really kick in. It felt as if the universe was aligning and it was meant to be smooth sailing from here on out. I sold my worldly possessions, bought a plane ticket, and flew directly from Canada to Chile, soaring thankfully over the United States and its legions of rapey airport security personnel. I landed in Santiago and spent a couple of weeks relaxing and soaking-up the local culture before proceeding to the beach resort town of Renaca to begin the Exosphere program. I was pleased to find that not only the staff but the rest of the participants as well were interested in bitcoin and other revolutionary technologies. It lasted three months, during which time, we worked hard, played hard, and found our respective callings in life. I realized that my true passion was in developing and providing options to those without any. I wanted to introduce competition into markets dominated by abusive monopolies and the project I have just launched is the result of that realization.

As Exosphere came to a close, I turned my gaze back to Galt’s Gulch Chile and wasted no time in moving there. That was a month ago and since then, the big idea has been well received by the gulch’s founder, who generously provided a plot of land by the main clubhouse to build the project upon. I wanted to build a castle and this is where it was going to be.

I knew that a lot of young freedom-seekers like me wanted to live here in this particular valley too but couldn’t afford the land prices. My intent was to build this castle to be filled with a multitude of compact living chambers like the ones used in Japanese capsule hotels so that even we of modest means  might be able to own a home in the land of our dreams. And so, development is now underway. Fort Galt is becoming a reality. No longer do you need to be a seasoned captain of industry to own a home in such an idyllic locale and more than ever before, young, ambitious dreamers like me will be able to strike out on their own and establish themselves without drowning in debt. Even visitors passing through will soon be able to stay in the castle too but if you haven’t already guessed, there’s a catch… they’ll have to pay with bitcoin.

Gabriel Scheare

Born and raised on an organic family farm in Canada, Gabriel has spent the majority of his young life seeking challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. In 2013, after serving on the BC Libertarian Party's board of directors, he invested in a bitcoin miner and used it to generate the funds he needed to leave Canada and move to Galt's Gulch Chile, where he now resides. He studied entrepreneurship at Exosphere and is now focused on the effort to develop his new community into beacon of light worthy of its name.

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