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Tuesday 17 October 2017
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Coin Pocket – Bitcoin Wallet for iOS

“Your app status is Processing for App Store” – that was the subject of the email I received from Apple on June 13th. A little less than two weeks before that, I submitted Coin Pocket to Apple after hearing news of their change in review guidelines. I was skeptical that it would be accepted, but I figured it was worth a try. To my surprise, Coin Pocket was the first fully functional Bitcoin wallet allowed into the iOS App Store.
How did Coin Pocket get into the App Store so quickly? First, some background…
Before Apple’s change in app review guidelines, I started development on an HTML5 solution targeted torwards iOS users. I wasn’t happy with other Bitcoin solutions for iOS, especially when it came to scanning QR codes. Mobile Safari doesn’t allow access to a live stream of the camera, therefore many HTML5 Bitcoin wallets attempt to solve this by trying to read the data from a photo of a QR code. Imagine standing at the checkout line taking multiple photos of a QR code because it won’t scan… not the best user experience. To solve this, I developed an iOS QR code scanning app called Scan Code and published it to the App Store. Scan Code is just a simple QR code scanner, but with one important feature: HTML5 applications can integrate with it to provide a seamless QR code scanning experience. Scan Code with Coin Pocket made it super easy to use Bitcoin on an iOS device.
After two months after Coin Pocket and Scan Code’s initial release, Apple updated their review guidelines for virtual currencies. I wanted to see for myself if this meant Apple would allow Bitcoin wallets into their store. I spent the day packaging the HTML5 version of Coin Pocket into a native iOS application and building a QR code scanner into it. I submitted it later that day and waited. As a professional iOS developer, I’ve submitted quite a few apps to Apple and I usually expect a rejection on the first try. A simple app like Scan Code was rejected for being “trivial”, so I had to update it with instructions before getting it accepted. Coin Pocket went into review after about a week, and a few days later it was accepted! My first time getting an app accepted on the first try, and it was a Bitcoin wallet nonethless.
The news spread about Coin Pocket’s appearance into the App Store. It hit number 30 on the free finance apps in the United States App Store. It amassed 10,000 downloads in a week. Bitcoin was back on iOS with Coin Pocket leading the way.
Today, Coin Pocket continues to be one of the easiest and safest ways to use Bitcoin. Transactions appear immediately and you can watch them confirm as soon as it happens on the block chain. There is no third party service to sign up to or maintain an account with, therefore online hackers have nothing to target. Coin Pocket users have never lost Bitcoin due to theft. Since Coin Pocket users hold their own Bitcoin, they are responsible for remembering their passwords and backing up their encrypted private key. Bitcoin enables people to be their own bank, and Coin Pocket is a tool to help them do so. Coin Pocket can be found online at https://coinpocketapp.com.

Mike Enriquez

Mike Enriquez is a professional iOS and web developer living in Cleveland, OH. He builds products such as Coin Pocket and works as a consultant through Enriquez Software LLC. Contact him on Twitter: @enriquez or @CoinPocket. Mike accepts Bitcoin tips to: 1Pbdubr7AnzQotGao3aFbuLWzAu7X6mzSc