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Tuesday 17 October 2017
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Dana.io & The Corporation (2004) Could Bring Bitcoin to 1,000 High Schools

International hit documentary The Corporation is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its Get Up #OffTheCouch Crypto Challenge — a cryptocurrency-only crowdfunding campaign to re-release a shorter cut of the film to be distributed to 1,000 schools.

$35,000 has already been raised in a campaign that accepted both fiat and cryptocurrencies. The film is still looking to raise another $15,000 to reach their original funding goal. Campaign creator Kat Dodds is making this a race to the top for a special thanks section of the film that will feature the logos of the contributing cryptocurrencies, with special prominence for the cryptocurrency in which the campaign receives the largest total amount of donations. “All cryptocurrency donations will be kept as and used as cryptocurrency as well,” says Dodds.

Released in 2004, The Corporation stunned the world with its revelations of an out-of-control business model, legally protected as a “person” and tasked to pursue profit above all else. While cryptocurrencies were not around when the film was first released, they’re salient to the film’s message. Just as The Corporation has shed light on how these companies dominate our lives, Bitcoin has exposed our financial system as unstable, unjust, and unfair.

The 2004 version of The Corporation of available on YouTube here:

You can find the campaign here: https://dana.io/cryptochallenge

Information about the film can be found below:



Mike Yeung

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