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Tuesday 17 October 2017
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Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence

10306637_738856636172601_6946741704349096401_nHelp me finish the “Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence.”

This project is extremely close to my heart. Amazing people are participating, including Max Keiser, Andreas Antonopolous, Patrick Byrne, Stacy Herbert, MK Lords, Stephanie Murphy, Blake Anderson, Amir Taaki, Paul Joseph Watson, Charlie Shrem, Roger Ver, Jeff Berwick, Jefferey Tucker, and more!

These people coming together means the fight is not lost. We care. We are sovereign. Please donate to support! The funds will specifically go to travel costs (Chicago & NYC) so I can finish filming the video.

Bitcoin (BTC) address: 1FDkiYRKrRUu9xDWH987ntAi6whEPxdYAh. Learn more about Brave The World.

Read the Crypto Biz Magazine post that originally inspired Declaration of Bitcoin’s Independence: “Bitcoin Is“.


Julia Tourianski

Julia Tourianski (also known as Brave the World) is a promoter of anti-state mentality. She makes short films, writes articles and helps organize events such as Toronto's Liberty Now. Julia has close ties with the Ludvig Von Mises Institute of Canada, where she is a contributor and volunteer. She's known to say that she's in a love affair with private property, the free-market, non-aggression, self-ownership, and freedom. If you want to support her work, she also takes Bitcoin tips: 14WPGDHE7JLsd2kRA8ko8RQr6FFmsS8NFu