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Tuesday 17 October 2017
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Crypto Biz Magazine’s Nathan Wosnack to Speak at Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Prospects for Development in Russia

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Nathan Wosnack will be speaking remotely at the First International & All-Russian Conference Forum “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Prospects for Development in Russia.” This is an exciting invitation from the CCFR and a wonderful opportunity for Nathan to share his views, insight and experiences with the Eastern European crypto community.

Nathan Wosnack is a serial entrepreneur and pioneer in cryptocurrencies; first running Bitcoin in November 2009. He is involved as an advocate, miner, trader, and community spokesperson in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Crypto Currencies Foundation Russia (CCFR) and First Bitcoin Center Russia (Bitcoin Russia), with the assistance Bitcoin Foundation and Ethereum, invites you to participate in the First International & All-Russian Conference “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Prospects for Development in Russia,” which will be held August 9, 2014 in St. Petersburg (Russia).

There will be appearances and addresses by official guests and speakers, Bitcoin developers and officials, chief editors of leading professional media, and the creators of online Bitcoin-relevant sites; there will be exchanges and exchange offices, as well as the Bitcoin business community including the founders and managers of online stores and service businesses. Guest speakers include invited government officials, representatives of the banking community and companies developing payment systems, including the National payment system.

The Conference will discuss the following questions:

  • Legal and regulatory framework in Russia, jurisprudence and legal aspects;
  • The use of cryptocurrency (the viewpoint of supervisory and regulatory authorities, credit institutions, payment systems and soon);
  • Business security and expert advice;
  • Turnover Bitcoin: experience operating businesses;
  • Creation of Bitcoin-centers (advice from leading experts);
  • Mining (especially activities that comparative analysis of hardware and software + master class);
  • Russia’s first Meetup with the Ethereum creators;
  • Presentation of the first regional cryptocurrency on the territory of the former USSR;
  • Other topics discussed and will be presented later.

The Conference will be held roundtables for developers and enthusiasts, a special session for the media and owners of online shops, as well as by an open general meeting CCFR.

Key points: http://cryptobizmagazine.com/first-international-all-russian-conference-bitcoin-and-cryptocurrencies-prospects-for-development-in-russia/

Vanessa King

Vanessa's design career began in Los Angeles in 1989. In 1995, she expanded into web development. From both a design and a technology perspective, she's fascinated by Bitcoin and its possibilities. She finds the possibilities of crypto currency socio-economically fascinating, and envisions a world where we have more control over our income and more of a say in where it ends up.