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Sunday 22 October 2017
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Popular Applications and Bitcoin APIs To Be Featured In The Plug n Play Marketplace



With the goal of making all those programmers lives better, there is a new marketplace for programmers to find the APIs they need, its called the Plug & Play Marketplace. The initial list of APIs in this marketplace has just been released and includes large data sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and IMAP for email.

In addition the API Network will feature Bitcoin centric APIs including the “Kozeni API” by Hive and Humint. Hive is known for its easy to use Bitcoin wallet for newbies and enthusiasts and available on iPhone and Android devices. The Kozeni API will be one of the first Bitcoin centric APIs tapped to join the Plug n Play Marketplace – a Bitcoin-based peer-to-peer economy for developers.

The Plug n Play Marketplace will be listing the Kozeni API after the official launch of marketplace in late July, on its decentralized platform, an open-source protocol aptly termed the API Network.

When asked about this added their project to the list, Wendell Davis CEO of the Hive Wallet said, “The Kozeni API by Hive and Humint provides basic send/receive/balance support for all crypto-tokens supported by the network, irrespective of whether they are metacoins or running on a unique blockchain. Our goal is to see that newly created tokens would be able to be added to the network and immediately be available for use in wallets and other apps.”

The API Network launched earlier this week with a crowdsale event for tokens known as the API Coins or XAP, which are available until July 18th 2014.

The Bitcoins received go towards developing the protocol and taking proprietary code to open-source. Holders of XAP coin will be among the first to access this future decentralized app store in the coming months.

In the meantime the API Network Developer, Ian Stewart promises that the addition of other companies developing innovative solutions in the Bitcoin industry and beyond will be tapped to join the Plug n Play Marketplace. “Connecting apps and products should be far easier than it is today.  We aim to make it blindingly simple to connect, stream, and search across lots of applications in a standard, plug-and-play fashion.  Think of the API Network as a standard way to unify data sources and apps, where each app has an incentive to participate in the marketplace while maintaining healthy competition.” comments Stewart from his home in Philadelphia.

XAP coin is still available before July 18th or until it sells out earlier. The writer of this article does not currently hold any XAP coins, but suggests that you check out the details on this ambitious plan to “Rewire the Internet”. Check out www.apinetwork.co for details or get XAP at www.buyxap.com

Lisa Cheng
Distributed Buzz


API Network Links:

Website: www.APINetwork.co

Crowdsale Info: www.buyxap.com

Community + Developer Links:

Demo of API Connector:  https://docs.apinetwork.co

Forums – www.APITalk.org

List of APIs on Wiki – https://apinetwork.atlassian.net/wiki/display/ANW/List+of+APIs

Email for developer discussions: dev@apinetwork.co

Lisa Cheng

Lisa Cheng is the co-founder of Distributed.buzz and the CEO of the Vanbex Group. She is the force behind the popular news aggregation site BitcoinRegime.com and a behind the scenes advocate of Bitcoin 2.0 and blockchain technology. She comes from an accomplished background after having worked at Fortune 500 companies and technology startups involved with Big Data, algorithmic trading, and enterprise systems. More recently Lisa’s time is focused on consulting and planning for new cryptocurrency projects after having worked for the Mastercoin Foundation in leading the Business Development effort. She is located in Vancouver BC and you can reach her via Twitter @lisacheng. Lisa also accepts Bitcoin tips: 17pAnaBowKr92YcBebi6RrTJf3gogM4Fp8