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Tuesday 17 October 2017
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yesbitcoin Plans to Make Bitcoin a Household Name

by Executive Director Branden Petersen 

For five years, Bitcoin advocates have helped build an ecosystem that has caught the attention and interest of the world’s most powerful institutions. Yet today, less than five million people worldwide use Bitcoins in their everyday purchases. Bitcoin remains an enigma to the mainstream consumer marketplace despite exponential growth in venture capital and number of commercial business entities. Bitcoin investors, users and commercial interests are depending on the adoption of Bitcoin as a mainstream currency with upside value heavily dependent upon its use as a currency in the everyday marketplace. In order for this to happen, the broader community of diverse interests must communicate effectively to the marketplace at-large, as well as key constituents who have a stake in the successful adoption of Bitcoin as a global currency and technology.

To address the challenges, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization named yesbitcoin will launch as the world’s first strategic, consumer- and merchant-facing communications effort on behalf of the world’s most prominently accepted cryptocurrency. yesbitcoin will focus primarily on driving understanding and acceptance of Bitcoin as a mainstream consumer technology.

As Co-Founder and CEO of Coinbase recently said in an interview with CNBC about Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption, “The biggest hurdle is education.” But educating the broader marketplace is a challenge when talking about something that is inherently decentralized.

The decentralized and diverse nature of Bitcoin interests and core constituents makes large-scale, focused communications and public relations an overwhelming challenge for the community. Individual business entities or interest groups, no matter how successful, will likely be unable or reluctant to “carry the water” for the Bitcoin ecosystem because those organizations will not be the sole, direct beneficiaries of such an effort. Any investment they make in large-scale communications on their own behalf will benefit competitors and the ecosystem at large.

Secondly, Bitcoin interests can’t scale communications efforts in a way that makes economic sense for their organizations and business objectives. Again, the decentralized nature of the Bitcoin ecosystem makes informational and advocacy work on behalf of Bitcoin use problematic. Of course, given that most consumers are unaware of Bitcoin, this educational advocacy must be done before a brand can even begin to talk about their own value.

Bitcoin needs a single, recognizable, central advocate that can help the entire ecosystem by communicating on behalf of all interests on an appropriate, strategic scale without the conflicts presented by proprietary interests – with a single objective of driving understanding, acceptance and use.

yesbitcoin is the world’s first global nonprofit organization committed to demystifying the Bitcoin economy and increasing understanding, acceptance and use of Bitcoin. The yesbitcoin mission is to immediately become the solution to the problem of decentralized interest and lack of focused, strategic advocacy.

Consumers and merchants are accustomed to advertising communications from the financial service industry. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other financial service providers have been selling the benefits of their products for decades, and have paved the path that Bitcoin must travel. We seek to serve in this capacity on behalf of Bitcoin, with “retail” communications efforts that can be easily understood by the marketplace at large.

yesbitcoin will operate in a collaborative, non-territorial and transparent manner. We seek to be a partner in propelling Bitcoin into the mainstream. We will continue in the tradition of the broader Bitcoin community, and work with all interests to advance our cause.

We are an organization that is dependent on donations from the community.

Donate here  1DV9NsxTsaLMbDaduS49oKcAEcpER4aqJX or at www.coinbase.com/yesbitcoin

Web site – www.yesbitcoin.org

Contact us at branden@yesbitcoin.org or call (1) 763-227-5444

Branden Petersen

Branden Petersen is the founding Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of yesbitcoin. Along with this work, he serves on the Financial Standards Working Group at The Bitcoin Foundation. Elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2010 and the Minnesota State Senate in 2012, Petersen currently represents the people of Senate District 35 in northwest Anoka County. His legislative accomplishments in education policy reform as well as citizen data privacy protections are among the notable items in his body of work as the youngest member of the State Senate. Along with his work in the public sector, Petersen has also been delivering strategic communications solutions for an array of non-profit and corporate clients as a Senior Counselor at Ainsley Shea Communications in St. Paul, MN.