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Saturday 23 September 2017
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Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.01 Video Announcement: “The Rise of Bitcoin!” (June 2014)

Read Crypto Biz Magazine Issue #1

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Crypto Biz Magazine Announces Audio Podcasts!

The Crypto Biz Magazine team is excited to announce that it now has regular audio podcasts available for your listening pleasure! Episode 1...

Sean Comeau

What Makes a ‘Good’ Password Manager Good?

Before we can decide on which password manager is a good one to use, we will need to consider what “good” means for a password manager....

Tatiana Moroz

Bitcoin Backers Embrace Crowd Funding with “Tatiana Coin”

Tatiana Moroz, a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, is the pioneer of revolutionary crowd funding model FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 30,...

Bitcoin in the Beltway

Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference to Make Waves in Washington D.C.

May 2014 Contact: M.K. Lords Email: mksilent.h@gmail.com Website: bitcoinnotbombs.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bitcoin in the Beltway...


Regulations Are Not Enough: We Should Expect Complete Openness From Bitcoin Exchanges and Banks

Bitcoin exchanges & banks should set a higher standard of transparency to avoid another Mt. Gox The crypto community has a large...

The Misconception of Bitcoin

The Misconception of Bitcoin

When we talk about Bitcoin to those who are non-converts, there is often a glazed look or sneer that follows a comment suggesting that...

Bitcoin as Money...

Bitcoin As Money: Are You Asking the Right Question?

Carl Menger and Ludwig Von Mises, the grandfathers of Austrian economics arrived at the logical conclusion that the value of money is...


Is There a Middle Ground for Bitcoin Regulation?

A positive relationship between the Fed and the Bitcoin community would be welcome by many, but overzealous regulation would sour that...


Ripple and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

      I was hooked. This just felt right. When I first saw this in 2006 I knew this was right. I believed: this must be part...

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The New Age and Language of Bitcoin Security

Bitcoin is more secure than any currency on the market but many struggle to understand it, argues the author Crypto is short for...