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Saturday 23 September 2017
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Category: Coins, Financial, Social


Is the US Finally Getting It Right?

I don’t usually feel like patting the Federal Reserve on the back, but today just might be an exception. Perhaps it’s the fact that...


Is There a Middle Ground for Bitcoin Regulation?

A positive relationship between the Fed and the Bitcoin community would be welcome by many, but overzealous regulation would sour that...


Ripple and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

      I was hooked. This just felt right. When I first saw this in 2006 I knew this was right. I believed: this must be part...


Bitcoiniacs: Pioneers in Bitcoin Solutions

Special Advertising Feature Bitcoin offers merchants transaction fees that are much lower than other payment solutions Technology is a...

"Shanghai Sunrise" by Jose Maria Cuellar

Understanding Bitcoin’s Appeal in China

A lack of bona-fide investment opportunities for the average Chinese, and strong capital controls fuel the demand for Bitcoin in China To...


Brave New Coin, The Home of Crypto

Special Advertising Feature There is a fire burning deep in the belly of Techemy Ltd, a data mining company deriving its name from...


Sidechains Explained

The concept of sidechains and their impact on cryptocurrencies are examined The last month has had the Bitcoin community brimming with...


What Cryptøcurrencies Will Bring to the 21st Century

Both the Lydian coin and Bitcoin have marked the start of a new era in how humanity uses money Everybody talks about Bitcoin, Teacoin, and...


The Singularity of Money

In the future there will be competing platforms for currency, but it will all gravitate to one preferred platform It has long been a dream...

Lite Coin altcoin mining with gridseed asic miners

ASIC Mining For the Rest of Us

Taking a closer look at the Gridseed ASIC miners Between Bloomberg’s flawed but prominent obituary of the small-scale Bitcoin mining...


How the Missing Biography of Satoshi Nakamoto Impacts the World at Large

When Satoshi Nakamoto cracked the code for the blockchain he/they altered the course of all our lives, whether one has an interest in using...


My Bitcoin Journey and the Meaning of Bitcoin Not Bombs

Make Bitcoin, not war, of Bitcoins not Bombs argues My political awakening came in 2005, but really began to blossom in 2007. A bitter...