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Saturday 23 September 2017
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Cryptogenic Bullion and the Consultancy Culture

Trends: Obscurity, Capitalization, Mining and Speculation, Adoption If the advances of Bitcoin and its ecosystem of altcoins have been like...


Visual Culture and Cryptocurrency

By Nikki Olson Imagine yourself designing a new cryptocurrency. You develop the protocol and other specific software attributes, and...

Russian flag

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Nathan Wosnack to Speak at Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: Prospects for Development in Russia

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Nathan Wosnack will be speaking remotely at the First International & All-Russian Conference Forum...

Shot from conference, Bitcoin in the Beltway

Bitcoin in the Beltway: Who, What, and Where’s Charlie?

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Bitcoin in the Beltway this past weekend, hosted by none other than the man who is probably the...


Q&A with Swarm Corp’s CEO Joel Dietz

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Soshi sits down with Swarm Corp’s CEO Joel Dietz. On the weekend we covered their pre-launch...

Bell on hotel concierge desk

Expedia Accepting Bitcoin for Payment of Hotel Bookings

RELEASE: from Newsfile and GlobeNewswire/Reuters Vancouver, British Columbia—(June 12, 2014) There was big news in the cryptocurrency...

Newscaster in front of Investment Pitch screen with Expedia logo

BREAKING: Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE) Accepts Bitcoin Payment for Hotel Bookings [Video]

Bitcoin Events and Conferences

Upcoming Bitcoin Events and Conferences

2014-06-24 Inside Bitcoins Conference & Expo Hong Kong, China 2014-07-01 WIRED Money London, England 2014-07-03 Bitcoin Finance 2014...

SoshiBTC branding, coin on a blurred background

SoshiBTC Smart Wallet™

SPECIAL ADVERTISING FEATURE SoshiBTC.com is a new smart wallet technology that allows you to grow your Bitcoin portfolio! EARN INTEREST ON...

Amazon's website on an iPad

What is Behind the Recent Bitcoin Surge?

As Bitcoin continues its surge through 2014, it doesn’t take new adopters of this little crypto to realize what all the fuss is about....

Currency, dollar and gold

Can Bitcoin Displace Gold as a Store of Value?

By Ariel Deschapell After several high profile arrests, the collapse of its once biggest exchange, and many other setbacks and scandals,...


Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.01 Video Announcement: “The Rise of Bitcoin!” (June 2014)

Read Crypto Biz Magazine Issue #1


An Exclusive Q&A with Sidechains’ Austin Hill

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Soshi sits down with Sidechains-backer Austin Hill to talk all things cryptocurrency Within...


Dogecoin – The Fun and Friendly Internet Currency.

Special Advertising Feature Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide. What is Dogecoin?...

Tatiana Moroz

Bitcoin Backers Embrace Crowd Funding with “Tatiana Coin”

Tatiana Moroz, a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, is the pioneer of revolutionary crowd funding model FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 30,...


Tatiana’s Journey Into the First Ever Artist Coin

My name is Tatiana Moroz, and I am a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. I have been in the activist world for a few years now and have...