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Friday 22 September 2017
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yesbitcoin Plans to Make Bitcoin a Household Name

by Executive Director Branden Petersen  For five years, Bitcoin advocates have helped build an ecosystem that has caught the attention and...


Live Event: #ExoHangout Bitcoin & The Future of “Money”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday June 12, 8PM ET Exosphere is proud to announce a virtual hang out hosted by Sarah Blincoe titled, Bitcoin...

Image of radio mike with Podcast title

Crypto Biz Magazine Announces Audio Podcasts!

The Crypto Biz Magazine team is excited to announce that it now has regular audio podcasts available for your listening pleasure! Episode 1...

Nathan, Mike and Cameron at Decentral

Crypto Coin Meet-Up

Decentral.Bangtown was founded by Cameron Gray and I in February 2014. It is located under Bangtown Hair Salon at Richards and West Pender...


Tatiana’s Journey Into the First Ever Artist Coin

My name is Tatiana Moroz, and I am a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur. I have been in the activist world for a few years now and have...


Is the US Finally Getting It Right?

I don’t usually feel like patting the Federal Reserve on the back, but today just might be an exception. Perhaps it’s the fact that...


Bitcoiniacs: Pioneers in Bitcoin Solutions

Special Advertising Feature Bitcoin offers merchants transaction fees that are much lower than other payment solutions Technology is a...


The Soul of Bitcoin

As long as there have been inventions, the inventors who created them have struggled with the unexpected ways that their technology would...


The Crypto World I See

The world of Cryptocurrencies is growing fast, but this does not come without its share of challenges Earlier this year, I heard the words...

Global 4C

Global 4C – A Proposal for World Transition

Can cryptocurrencies help stop climate change? (The author of this article is affiliated with the project) Amidst these radical times of...


Bitcoin Is.

When a child comes into this world, it begins to be sculpted by expectations, judgments, and preconceptions about its future, its...


How the Missing Biography of Satoshi Nakamoto Impacts the World at Large

When Satoshi Nakamoto cracked the code for the blockchain he/they altered the course of all our lives, whether one has an interest in using...


My Bitcoin Journey and the Meaning of Bitcoin Not Bombs

Make Bitcoin, not war, of Bitcoins not Bombs argues My political awakening came in 2005, but really began to blossom in 2007. A bitter...