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Saturday 23 September 2017
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Working from first principles to build bridges, fund core development, and go to the moon.

There is a seemingly inevitable chance that a financial system like Bitcoin might get adopted worldwide. If this does occur, we think there...


BitcoinExpo 2014 is the meeting hub of the emerging power of growing China and the Western traditions and innovations in technology.

Organizers of the Central European Bitcoin Expo that was held in Vienna at the end of May already proved that they have a great ability to...

A State of (Bitcoin) Mining

A State of Mining

There’s something about setting up a computer that prints out a digital currency while you sleep. It could be knowing that you are...

Why Bitcoin Doesn't Need a “Bitcoin Valley”

Why Bitcoin Doesn’t Need a “Bitcoin Valley”

With VC money being poured into Bitcoin startups, more billion dollar businesses accepting it, and greater mainstream acknowledgment that...


Network Security and Proof of Work: Do We Need an Alternative?

The Bitcoin protocol is designed using a proof of work mechanism, which determines who is permitted to sign the transactions that need to...


Cash and Credit in a Cryptocurrency Economy, part 2 – Open-Transactions

Open-Transactions is the cypherpunks’ vision of a cryptography-based contract system, embodied. Even when cryptography has made base...


Cash and Credit in a Cryptocurrency Economy, part 1 – The Legacy Financial System

The success of Bitcoin has created the possibility for an new free market, cross-border, online economy with Bitcoin serving the role of...

Will Industrial Mining Become the Next Big Bitcoin Investment Sector?

OpenCL vs OpenGL for Mining

By: Vivek Nair and Alexander Merricks As we witness the evolution of the creation of digital assets via the birth of the virtual currency...


Dark Marketplaces Positioned to Accelerate the Collapse of Governments

The solvency of the U.S. government has been circling ruin for the last several decades. Without reversing the current trend and...


The Power of The Blockchain: Future Developments and Applications

“Talent hits a target others can’t hit, Genius hits a target others can’t see.”  – Arthur Schopenhauer The sentiment...

Four lightbulbs, one with a lit up dollar sign

Bitcoin Suppression via the Patent System

The advent of Bitcoin presents the global economy with an issue it has never had to face before. Bitcoin is the first currency that is...


Jacob Payne’s Bitbasket Q&A

Jacob Payne, inventor of Bitbasket discusses Bitbasket: A Scalable Peer-to-Peer Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet System whitepaper that he...


New ccMiner 1.1 with Improved Groestl Performance Now Available

Posted on 19 June 2014. Tags: Coin Feed The source code of the ccMiner GPU miner for Nvidia has been updated to version 1.1 with a...


Technology Leaders Gather in London, UK, for The Launch of The First London Technology Week

Mayor of London and leaders of global tech scene come together to launch London Technology Week LONDON, England — On Monday, the English...

Wallet with two locks over Bitcoin image

Why You Should Probably Be Using a MultiSig Bitcoin Wallet

I would say I’m generally a jovial person, but if I woke up and realized I’d lost 7500 Bitcoins, I would encourage the rest of...


On the “Death of Ripple”

Announcements Recently there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Ripple. On 2014-05-22 Jed, one of the creators of the Ripple system,...