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Saturday 23 September 2017
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Category: Business, Featured, Financial, Tech/Dev

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Bitcoin Suppression via the Patent System

The advent of Bitcoin presents the global economy with an issue it has never had to face before. Bitcoin is the first currency that is...


yesbitcoin Plans to Make Bitcoin a Household Name

by Executive Director Branden Petersen  For five years, Bitcoin advocates have helped build an ecosystem that has caught the attention and...


Technology Leaders Gather in London, UK, for The Launch of The First London Technology Week

Mayor of London and leaders of global tech scene come together to launch London Technology Week LONDON, England — On Monday, the English...

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Advertise With Us —Reach a Global Audience in the Ƀillions.

We believe in uniting a more informed, empowered, and prosperous community; where there’s always a greater story to be told. We have...

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Expedia Accepting Bitcoin for Payment of Hotel Bookings

RELEASE: from Newsfile and GlobeNewswire/Reuters Vancouver, British Columbia—(June 12, 2014) There was big news in the cryptocurrency...

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BREAKING: Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE) Accepts Bitcoin Payment for Hotel Bookings [Video]

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Can Bitcoin Displace Gold as a Store of Value?

By Ariel Deschapell After several high profile arrests, the collapse of its once biggest exchange, and many other setbacks and scandals,...


BREAKING NEWS: Crypto Biz Magazine Announces Joint Advertising Agreement with The Bitcoin News!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE About The Bitcoin News TheBitcoinNews.co.uk exists since 4/2013 and is the leading decentralised News source for...


Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.01 Video Announcement: “The Rise of Bitcoin!” (June 2014)

Read Crypto Biz Magazine Issue #1

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Crypto Biz Magazine June Podcast

The Crypto Biz Magazine team is excited to announce that it now has regular audio podcasts available for your listening pleasure! Episode 1...

Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.01—June, 2014

Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.01, June, 2014

Crypto Biz Magazine, Issue.01—June.2014  Always stay on top of the latest issue; Subscribe (FREE)!


A Day in the Life of a Crypto Coin Day Trader

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Soshi sits down with crypto coin day trader Yuri Yerofeyev to talk about his trade Like the...


An Exclusive Q&A with Sidechains’ Austin Hill

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Soshi sits down with Sidechains-backer Austin Hill to talk all things cryptocurrency Within...


Regulations Are Not Enough: We Should Expect Complete Openness From Bitcoin Exchanges and Banks

Bitcoin exchanges & banks should set a higher standard of transparency to avoid another Mt. Gox The crypto community has a large...


Brave New Coin, The Home of Crypto

Special Advertising Feature There is a fire burning deep in the belly of Techemy Ltd, a data mining company deriving its name from...


Crypto Biz Magazine Global Media Launch

Friday, May 16, 2014—Today the Crypto Biz Group announced their Crypto Biz Magazine global media launch. The objectives of the...