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Friday 22 September 2017
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Category: Business, Coins, Financial, Press Releases, Tech/Dev

Withdrawing money from a Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin Shop Makes Strategic Investment in Coin Outlet

Arlington, VA – (Marketwired – October 2, 2014) – Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“Bitcoin Shop” or the “Company”), an...

close-up of antique typewriter keys and arms.

Call for Writers! Now Accepting Submissions

Crypto Biz Magazine is currently taking submissions! Whether you’re an experienced writer, or a budding Bitcoin reporter, we want to...

Houses and MerchantCoin logo

MerchantCoin and Real Estate Transactions

MerchantCoin.net facilitates first real estate transaction using crypto-currency in the state of Washington. September 5, 2014, Seattle,...

Read Now Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.03

Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.03, August 2014

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Working from first principles to build bridges, fund core development, and go to the moon.

There is a seemingly inevitable chance that a financial system like Bitcoin might get adopted worldwide. If this does occur, we think there...

Cover of July, 2014—Issue.02 Crypto Biz Magazine

Crypto Biz Magazine Issue.02, July 2014

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Image of radio mike with Podcast title

Crypto Biz Magazine July Podcast

The Crypto Biz Magazine team is excited to announce that it now has regular audio podcasts available for your listening pleasure! Episode 2...


Cash and Credit in a Cryptocurrency Economy, part 1 – The Legacy Financial System

The success of Bitcoin has created the possibility for an new free market, cross-border, online economy with Bitcoin serving the role of...


Cryptogenic Bullion and the Consultancy Culture

Trends: Obscurity, Capitalization, Mining and Speculation, Adoption If the advances of Bitcoin and its ecosystem of altcoins have been like...


Kuwait Finance Firm Suggests Trading Oil in Bitcoins

Oil producing countries, particularly in the GCC, could benefit if they would use bitcoin in oil trading, instead of dollars, Markaz’...

Street signfor Main Street

Where does Accounting /ERP meet Bitcoin, Dollar, Euro & Yen?

Can you imagine a world where a crypto currency (something like Bitcoin) sits alongside the Dollar, Euro, and Yen? In a recent discussion...


Dark Marketplaces Positioned to Accelerate the Collapse of Governments

The solvency of the U.S. government has been circling ruin for the last several decades. Without reversing the current trend and...

Four lightbulbs, one with a lit up dollar sign

Bitcoin Suppression via the Patent System

The advent of Bitcoin presents the global economy with an issue it has never had to face before. Bitcoin is the first currency that is...

Shot from conference, Bitcoin in the Beltway

Bitcoin in the Beltway: Who, What, and Where’s Charlie?

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Bitcoin in the Beltway this past weekend, hosted by none other than the man who is probably the...


Q&A with Swarm Corp’s CEO Joel Dietz

Crypto Biz Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Soshi sits down with Swarm Corp’s CEO Joel Dietz. On the weekend we covered their pre-launch...

Bell on hotel concierge desk

Expedia Accepting Bitcoin for Payment of Hotel Bookings

RELEASE: from Newsfile and GlobeNewswire/Reuters Vancouver, British Columbia—(June 12, 2014) There was big news in the cryptocurrency...