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Saturday 19 August 2017
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How Fiat Ruined My Traveling Experience

How Fiat Ruined My Traveling Experience I recently had the honor of being flown to Dubai, in order to teach blockchain technology to...

CoinFest CoinTelegraph Advert

CoinFest 2015 Networking Time @ Francesco’s

Last year, CoinFest broke new ground by holding a decentralized convention in Vancouver and spreading its free and open source model across...


The Facts on Factom

The most revolutionary technologies are frequently the most difficult to understand. This is especially true of decentralized technologies,...

Woman in Ethiopia carrying water from a well, BlueCoin logo superimposed

BlueCoin’s Blue Water Project: Building Wells in Africa

PRESS RELEASE—Details are finally starting to emerge about BlueCoin, the exuberant new cryptocurrency backed by renowned entrepreneur...